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Technical Overview 0001

Posted on:October 28, 2023 at 12:00 AM

Collaborating on the Project

When the client approached us, we discussed requirements to align on goals. We assembled a team with management oversight and an engineer for development.

To start, we set up infrastructure to host code and track issues, along with objectives, communication norms, privacy guidelines, and security protocols.


Through collaboration between leadership and the engineer, we implemented many key features. The management monitored progress, rapidly responding to any outages. Corrective actions kept development moving.

Addressing Performance

With high traffic of 3 million daily requests, we encountered performance bottlenecks during migration. To alleviate server strain, we optimized caching and databases. This lowered the overall load by 85% and improved performance.

Transition and Resolution

We carefully migrated to new hardware without disruption. We also fixed database encoding issues, reducing user-reported problems.